Cum All Over My Pretty Little Face

             Today was picture day at school.  I was late as usual, so Mr. Ames suggested I see him at lunch to have them taken. I wore my favorite red dress, so I was excited that he was giving me extra special care. I mean, I do deserve it!

  He locked his office door and got all set up. I was having so much fun posing for him. We even took a few special ones that I wouldn’t show my parents. 

I noticed as our session went on, he went behind his desk. I could see he was moving his hand up and down. “Giggles”. I know what he’s doing! I guess he could use some of my help. I spread my tiny legs for him, showing him my pussy.  He began stroking even faster.  

I went over to his desk, and got on the floor next to his cock. Cum for me daddy, cum all over my pretty little face. I can’t leave with jizz all over my face. What to do?  He then grabbed my face and licked it clean.


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