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I get asked quite a lot to do age play sessions with my callers. I was always curious as to why so I finally decided to ask one of my regulars. He told me it was for two reasons. One was just my adorable young, sexy voice and the other was because he loved to imagine me at a young age with big boobs teasing all the men in my family.

He had come up with a hot role-play for us to do. I was underage with the slamming body I have now and he was my daddy.

He was downstairs having his weekly poker game with some guys he works with. Daddy isn’t very good at “that” kind of poker but he loves to play and bet anyway.

I was texting some friends wearing my tiny shorts and a white tank with no bra. We were texting about boys we liked. I heard daddy at the door looking flustered and he said we needed to talk. Daddy had lost a lot of money he couldn’t pay back so he offered up his little girl to pay them back. He told me to do whatever the request because he needed his little blonde fuck toy to fix things.

I heard the footsteps coming up the stairs and all the men just stared at me while unzipping their pants. Daddy sat on my vanity chair and was already stroking his huge 9 inch cock. No one was touching me, but they told me to slowly remove my clothes.

First, I took of my top and they all gasped and stroked hard at my 36 double D’s. I have to admit, it was hot and making my little pussy cream at all this attention.

I got the first big blast of cum all over my pretty face. Daddy watched as it dripped down my chin and down my neck. The second blast was all over my huge tits. The men just kept cuming and shooting their thick, hot loads of cum on me.

When they were finally done and left my room, I was glad because I was so wet, creamy, and horny I needed to cum. I even forgot about daddy who was jerking it watching the show. “Daddy, please fuck me and fuck me hard. Your baby girl is covered in jizz and needs a good pounding”, I asked daddy in my sweet innocent voice. He fucked me so hard the headboard dented the wall!



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