What’s For Dinner, Daddy?

I always run home right from school on the days daddy is home early. Daddy loves to bake and cook, and the kitchen always smells amazing when I get home. I can already smell something yummy as soon as I open the door.  I smell freshly baked cornbread, garlic, herbs, and butter.  OH!!!  Is daddy making his delicious cornbread stuffed chicken?

Phone sex daddy is happy to see me. He hands me a glass of apple juice and we chat about my day at school. Mommy hugs me and tells me she’s so glad I didn’t go to the library and skip dinner.

Daddy got something special for me. Is it body butter? It feels amazing on my skin. Odd though because it smells like garlic and real butter.

Daddy tells me to strip and to let him check to make sure my body is hairless.  Daddy is acting odd, and mommy is drooling at the smells. I’m so confused and about to ask. Before I could, daddy pushes an apple in my mouth.  He puts me on the table and begins to truss me.

Ha, ha daddy! The joke is over. I want to pull out the apple, but I am now fully trussed. I begin to cry.  Mommy yells at me to stop, as dinner will be too salty.  Oh no, into the oven I go!

I love my callers! They have the best imagination, and we have so much fun together.


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