AJ Has A Problem

             Oh no! It seems we have a problem. I finally had my cute ass fucked and I loved it. Not just a little but loads!  It might not look like a problem, but hear me out. All I ever wanted was lots of baby batter in my wet, warm, teen pussy.  I have been dreaming about my tits getting bigger and milk coming out. Imagine how that would feel dripping in your hungry mouth while I ride you? 

The problem is that now I am addicted totally and completely to getting my ass fucked. What’s a girl to do?  There has to be a solution. Maybe a dildo in one of my fuck holes?  I just don’t know a solution at the moment.

I went to visit my favorite neighbor, thinking maybe he would know what to do.  It’s quite vexing. We talked a bit and then we were interrupted by his brother coming over.  Oh! His brother is sort of sexy. I have a brilliant idea!  Can you guess what it is?


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