AJ And Her Beanie Babies

       Last week my favorite Uncle came for a visit.  I love all the attention he gives me. It’s funny, because I have never seen a grown man so interested in me. We talk about everything. For some reason though, he has always been interested, maybe even fascinated by my huge collection of Beanie Babies. I found them at a yard sale.

                Last week while we were hanging in my room, he asked about the one way at the top. I said I would try and reach up to get it for him. It was definitely one of the most special Beanies. I stood on my bed, and he put his hand on my waist so I wouldn’t fall off my bed.  Wait? What? Is his hand moving to my ass? 

I know just what phone sex Uncle is doing. What a perv he is.  His face is now right there by my pussy. He tells me one of the buttons on my tiny shorts has come undone. Why is he looking there? Giggles. I know what you are doing Uncle James.  I am going to tell mommy unless you do something special for me.

Do you want to know what I made him do for me?  I promise to tell all the naughty details.



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