Little Girls Love Big Toys

I was mesmerized the first time I saw a huge cock. I didn’t at the time have much to compare it to, but it sure was sexy. I was very young then and he had no idea I was watching him. Over the next few years, all I could think about was that big, thick cock. 

                   I would lay in bed at night and rub my little pussy thinking of his big cock. Then I began thinking about what I could slide inside me till I could finally have a real cock. The items got bigger and bigger every week. A turkey baster, candles, vegetables, and such. Really if it was big and sort of cock shaped, it went into my pussy. 

Finally, a family reunion that I know he will be at. It was a fun day, hanging with my cousins, seeing all the family. I snuck a few beers, and had my courage up. Time to find my Uncle. 


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