Cock Tease Ginger

I’m your naughty girl next door. I love to drive all the men in the neighborhood wild. I go outside in my tiny little bikini and lay out in the sun, soaking up the rays, but I’m also soaking up all the attention my sexy body gets.

I can feel eyes all over me. Eyes of horny men and jealous wives and girlfriends.

How perfect that your bedroom is right across from mine. I see those curtains move and know that you’re peeking over at me. I turn on the lights, open my curtains and give you a show. I love having your eyes all over me, knowing that you’ll never get to touch anything your eyes see.

I take my time, stripping down, making sure you see all my best assets. I stand in front of the window in my bra and panties, playing with the straps. I imagine you across the way, stroking your hard cock, waiting for me to take it all off. I turn my back, unhooking my bra, letting it fall to the floor. The anticipation must be killing you.

As I move to turn around, my fingers hit the lights, hiding me in the darkness. Tune in tomorrow night… maybe you’ll get lucky!


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