Open Up

          Open can mean so many things. Open the door, being more open to sexuality, open your mouth, and open to what else I wonder. It seems to me that as a man gets older, he’s open to so many more things. How about you?  Maybe for you, all you can think of is opening your mouth and sucking the perfect nipples of my DD’s tits. I see I have much work to do.

        You arrive for our date. After our conversation, you’re a bit nervous, and very excited. What could I have planned? You can see I’m not really dressed for going out. The lights are low, Martinis in the pitcher, and Billie Holiday is on the turntable.  We chat, dance, and drink a little. The mood is perfect.

I take you into my bedroom and tell you to do a slow strip for me. When you’re done to my liking, I push you down on my bed. I stroke your arm with my soft hand and you feel the restraints around your wrists. 

I own you, from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet; and anything in between!


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