AJ Has A Girlfriend

      I live way up above the busy city. You can see so much cool stuff from this far up. I was looking out yesterday and saw a hot girl sunning on the lower roof. Oh fuck!! She’s very sexy. I sort of think I am in love.  I took some calls, watching her the whole time.  

I began to have some very naughty thoughts. I wondered what her pussy looked like, was she all smooth down there?  I also wondered what she would taste like? What to do? I took a break from my callers and put on the shortest shirt I could find. I grabbed 2 ice cold bottles of water and went to the lower roof. 

She smiled and I smiled. I handed her the water. Oh wow, she is so hot!!  I hope she likes me. Who wouldn’t though? We talked a little. She told me I was just adorable. Well? I am, you know.  The sun felt so good on my body, but I bet she would feel better on my body.

   I finally got the nerve to ask her out. She said “yes”. Our date is later tonight.  Wish me luck!


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