Sailing With Katie

           I sure do wonder where phone sex daddy has been. We had so many naughty plans for our summer. A girl has to do what makes her happy. I decided to pack my pink Barbie suitcase and go on an adventure all my myself.  I had saved some money from one of my jobs, but it wasn’t enough for much more than a road trip. 

             I just drove, checking out fun places on the way. When I made it to Austin, I could see Lake Travis. I want to go sailing so bad! Daddy promised, but he isn’t here. 

I changed into my bikini and took in some sun, watching people on the sailboats. I guess I was staring, as one of the men invited me along.  Oh, this will be so much fun!  The men were so sexy! Just like my missing daddy.

We sailed, flirted, and drank lots of beer. I took off my top, the sun felt so good on my little body. It was sort of making me horny. No daddy, but two very handsome older men. A girl has to do, what a girl has to do!


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