Baby Needs a Spanking

I’ve been such a bad girl lately and I know I deserve a really, really good spanking. I’ll just wiggle out of my soft, pretty, cotton panties and lay across your lap and let you teach me a lesson for being so naughty. Don’t be surprised if my little pussy gets wet when you’re spanking me though, because this bad girl feels good when she’s punished. Isn’t that the sign of a true bad girl?

Lay me over your lap, lean me over the end of the bed, over a chair, put me on my hands and knees, anyway you want me to be so you can spank me good! I like it when you use your hand so you can feel the heat on my sweet little ass. You can use your belt, paddle, whip, or anything else you’d like to use.

Your Baby needs a good spanking and you’re the perfect daddy to teach me a lesson.


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