Use My Hot Body

Nothing excites me more than a hot, nasty fuck. I want heavy breathing, our hands running feverishly over each others bodies. We’re telling each other exactly how we want to be fucked, and using our naked bodies to excite and please each other.

I can’t wait to feel your fingers pinching my stiff nipples, while telling me what a dirty whore I am. My body will be writhing in anticipation of having your rock hard cock inside my sweet, wet pussy.

I want you to use my hot, tight body for your pleasure. My ass craves the feeling of a stiff shaft being crammed deep inside. You’ll see me begin to get so nasty and wild as my pussy squirts while your banging my tight ass.

Something else that really excites me are cum showers all over my body. I want you to milk every hot, sticky drop of your cum all over me. I want you to watch me rub my cum covered body while I suck the remaining jizz from the tip of your still throbbing cock.



Written By: Andrea
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