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Ever since I was just a tiny girl, I used to love to go grocery shopping with my momma. She would even wait for me to get home.

One day I was getting really bored, so I went to wait in the car. I saw this man outside in his car, and he was doing something weird with his hand and arm. I wondered if maybe he hurt himself or something? I stopped, looked in his car, and OMG what did I just see? Momma was coming out of  the door with groceries, so I ran to the car. That was close!

 I couldn’t get the sight out of my head. I told my bestie, and she told me he was jerking off. What? Well, I guess that makes sense, but I want to see some more men jerking it. Maybe his arm wasn’t hurting and he just needed some help jerking. I am very helpful.

Next time we went shopping, I looked for him. There he was in his car. I smiled, and offered my assistance. No, no!! I did not touch it. I just told him how to do it, to make it feel so good.

First, I told him to spit on it, he had no lube. Then I told him to run his thumb over the head. Oh oops, I did a good job! I hope momma doesn’t notice the mess on my tiny white top.


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