Just A Curious Girl

   I’m so very curious and I need to know everything about sex. Not just sex, but kinky, hot sex. You know, the kind no one talks about. 

The men in my area and the boys at school, I just don’t think they would have what I want. They might be sweet and gentle but I want nasty, twisted, perverted, messy sex.

Where can I go to get taught all I need to know?

After much thought, I decided that the farm across the road just might be they kind of men I am looking for. Rough, muscled, sexy, and nasty men. I wore a tiny yellow sundress and began riding my bike up and down the road. It didn’t take long before several rough looking men had gathered to watch me. 

I smiled and motioned for them to follow me. I rode over to the big barn on my side of the road. I stood there, the sun showing off my tight, teen body through my dress.  I began to remove my dress, but the men were very impatient. They surrounded me, ripped off my dress and the sex lessons began!


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