Finally Alone With Her

So many thoughts in your head tonight. You are finally alone with her. You climb the stairs to her room. You can hear yourself breathe in the quiet of the empty house. You open her bedroom door, it creaks loudly. You are hoping the pills you put in her dinner will keep her asleep.

Fuck, is she tiny. You think she looks so sexy in her pink sleep shorts and top. You can see the outline of her tiny nipples under the thin material of her little shirt. You stop for a second and start of leave the room.

You can smell her now.  It is intoxicating. What is that smell?  Some sort of little girl body spray? Her lips are shiny. Maybe just a quick kiss.

You pull down the covers all the way. The outline from her sleep shorts, you have to touch it. You start to leave her room, but you hear my voice in your ear.  Just fucking do it, no one will ever know.


IvyWritten By: Poison Ivy
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