AJ And The Bedpost



 I wonder what you would see if you were a fly on my wall? You would see me dancing in my lingerie, you would see me doing fashion shows for my dolls, but most of all, you would see me finding sexy ways to get myself off. Girls my age get very horny, and sometimes my sweet little hand just isn’t enough.

Sometimes I take items from the kitchen. Maybe a turkey baster, or a carrot. Then I can eat the carrot for a tasty treat. Those things worked but, I needed more. Then it happened!  It was a night I will never forget. 

I saw this video of a girl and her bedpost. The girl was so cute, with little tits like mine. First, she sucked it like a cock. Oh, I wonder if it tasted like her pretty pussy? Then she began to grind against it. My hands went in-between my legs, as I watched.

OMG!! Now she is treating it like a big, hard cock. She slowly slide down on it. OMG, could I do it like that? I wonder? 



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