After School Fun


  I have the coolest neighbor. He is so good to all of us, and has put swings in his yard, just for us girls. I mean, who doesn’t love to swing after class?  Sometimes he watches. You know, just in case one of us falls, and needs his attention.

          I was having the best time swinging. Going up as far as I could. I guess his dog distracted me, and I hit the ground hard.  He came running out, and took me to his bedroom. He told me to undress to make sure I wasn’t badly hurt. I undressed, and he gave me some medicine. He suggested I nap for a bit, before going home. 

I woke up to find him spooning me. That feels so nice. I guess he needed a nap too. I fell back to sleep, and he cuddled me tighter. What is sticking into me? I try to ask, but he covers my mouth with his. Oh, I sort of like that. 

Now I wonder, if all the rumors are true? I hope so!


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