Time To Decorate


          I love decorating for Christmas. There is so many pretty, shiny, sparkling, and beautiful things.  Mommy and Daddy have a special event they go too, so that is when I decorate. I put on my special hat and stockings. Then I steal a bottle of bubbly and begin. It’s super important that I am all done, and in bed when they get home.

This year was sort of a mess. I grabbed some pretty red lingerie from mommy and while dancing around in it, and drinking my bubbly, it all spilled.  I hid her lingerie in the trash and began again. These little lights are so warm from being plugged in. I wonder? If I placed it on my little clit and pulled it. Oh!! That felt good.

                 I was decorating away, when I spilled the whole bottle. I licked it all off the floor and did a little bit more decorating. I got to thinking, after opening another bottle. I wonder what it would feel like if I shook the bottle, and pushed it in my pussy? OMG!!!  

Oh no!!!   Is that their car pulling up? I grab my bottle and run up the stairs. I have been a very dirty little girl, Santa


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