Daddy’s Pretty Panties

                    For a while now there has been a mystery. Why do some of my panties get all stretched out in front? I love seeing how cute my pussy looks in a pretty pair, but not when they’re all stretched out. It all seems very odd to me.

        I brought it up at the VS store. I think the sexy sales girls thought I was a little crazy. It has become an issue. I went in my parents room and checked out mommy’s, and it seemed fine. Then I saw it, in daddy’s laundry basket. He’s been wearing them and stretching them out. I do like it when men wear sexy clothes. I love it when they smell good, even a little eyeliner. 

How does one approach their daddy with questions and suggestions? I came up with a plan. I sent daddy a few sexy pairs to his office. In it was a key and a card. Daddy was to meet his date at a five star hotel. Oh, daddy will have so much fun!

Why am I so curious? I want to see what is stretching out all my pretty panties. 

Wink, wink.




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