Mornings with Baby Britt


My Daddy let me oversleep today on purpose. When I woke up late, he was standing over me with a big tent in his pants. He always told me that when a guys pants look like that I need to be a good girl and take care of it. My Daddy has trained me very well on what to do with a big, hard cock.

I pulled his pants down and wrapped my little hand around his big shaft. I moved my hand up and down Daddy’s cock, while he was taking my pajamas off. Daddy said, “Now be a good girl and open my legs real wide.” I love feeling him on top on me, while he pushes his cock inside my tight little pussy. It hurts, but I like to make Daddy happy.

He pumps my pussy hard until he fills my little puffy hole with his creamy cum. I love late mornings with Daddy.


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