Naughty Teacher/Student Fantasy

One of my favorite role-plays is naughty school girl. It brings me back to when I was in school and my teachers were all over me. I passed many classes through high school and it wasn’t because I was a bookworm. I was the party girl who hated school. I showed up late and skipped a lot. When I did show up, I was either still drunk from the night before or really stoned.
My male teachers were fascinated with my overdeveloped body. I wore the skimpiest outfits. I defiantly was the school slut who fucked everyone, including the janitor! I sucked and fucked my way through school until the day I graduated. Things haven’t really changed. I still party and fuck my way through life.
Let’s role-play a teacher/student fantasy but let’s get really naughty. How about you ask me to stay after class and the only way for me to pass is if I have to fuck the entire football team right in front of you. Once every player fucks me and leave their hot, sticky loads all over me, you then have your way with me and lick me clean!


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