It’s Coming!

                       What is coming, you might ask? Well, the warm weather of course! I can’t wait to buy some new bikinis and shorts. Daddy calls me his little friend finder when I sit in front of our house in my little pool. 

                         Daddy loves all the attention I get. Not only from men like daddy, but from girls like me. Everyone wants to cool off in my little pool. How perfect is daddy? He seems to know exactly when we need a drink to cool off, or if we are getting to excited and need a lie down. Isn’t it amazing how daddy is always right there to help?

He has really planned a fun afternoon for later. Daddy has fenced the yard for privacy and set up cameras. This will be so fun! Daddy is so smart, he had a brilliant idea.

I’m setting up balloons in front of house, to make it look like a party. Daddy says it will attract all the little girls on our block. Isn’t he just the bestest daddy in the world, wanting me to have so many friends?


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