Break In


Is that a noise I hear downstairs?  Can’t a girl get any alone time to take care of business?  It sounds like something fell over and broke. Maybe my brother is home from college?  I wonder if he’s horny for me? Anyway, whatever. The stairs are now creaking. Yes, it’s my sexy, big brother. 

           Only, shit it’s not him! A big man yells at me and tells me to “shut up”. I think someone is playing a prank, so I tell him he needs to shut up. Now he seems really mad. He tells me to take off my shorts. I still think it’s a joke, so I do what he says, laughing. I mockingly tell him that I’m so scared. Please don’t rape me, mister. 

           I no longer think this is a prank. This man is going to rape me. Wait? Is he actually putting on a rubber? My rapist is thoughtful? He’s all over me now. Big, hands, big tongue, and huge dick. I wonder? 

          I whisper in his ear something crazy about DNA and rubbers. He looks confused, and quickly pulls out. He pulls off the nasty offending condom and plows back into me.  Just as he is about to drain his balls, he hears me say, might as well fuck a baby into me. 


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