When The Kids Are Away…

rainna…You KNOW Mama Rainna’s going to play! I just dropped the kids off to their dad
and I’ve already started making phone calls. My first call was to my favorite fuck buddy. He’s tall, dark and handsome with a huge 10 inch black cock. I told him to start rounding up some friends for a little “get together” at my house tonight. Just the thought of all that thick meat has me playing with my pussy while I’m driving home to prepare. I’m going to put on my sexiest lingerie for them to rip off of me. He and his friends always treat me like a filthy whore and make me beg for their big black dicks. You better believe this cock hungry MILF will be begging for it tonight! I want all of my holes stretched and abused by those throbbing poles. As soon as I walk in the door, I’m getting a text from him telling me that he’s got a crew together and he hopes that I’m ready for it. I let him know that I’m ALWAYS ready for big black cock! The more the merrier!

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