Help! Am I getting Fat?

                 I don’t know what’s going on but I think I’m getting fat! With summer on the way, I went shopping. I can’t even believe it, but none of  the size zero’s and ones fit me anymore. My little brother even called me “fat, fat the water rat”. I just want to cry!

I bet my cool, funny neighbor will help me out.

   I bang on his door with a big ole tee shirt covering most of my fat. He lets me in and gives me a hug. Did I hear him say, “wow, what is this?”, when he patted my butt. I told him before we talk, that I needed a snack. Not the sleepy snacks, because I am really, really hungry. After the snack, it was time to show him.

I pulled up my baggy tee shirt, and showed him. His eyes lit up at my tummy. Maybe he just likes his girls a little chubby?  Only thing is I’m way more than chubby. Well, things began to happen, but he seemed confused when I told him I’d never done any sex things. He started to tell me about all the things we did on Valentines Day. 

Oh no! I am beginning to think it isn’t exactly fat!  Oops!


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