You like them broken, don’t you? Don’t look away from me. We both know exactly what the fuck I am talking about. Lonely, curious, sad, and very ignored. That sort of thing is what makes your dick twitch. Summer is almost here, and the parks, pools and streets will be filled with little, cute, latch keys. So you wonder just what is a Latch Key Kid. Home alone, mostly poor, and single mother works. So vulnerable. 

She’s licking an ice cream cone at the 7-11. You watch the tiny tongue as she licks. Some has melted, dripping down her t-shirt, making the adorable little bumps on chest visible. You sigh deeply, and slide your hand in your sweat pants. 

No one else is around except the store clerk. She has dropped her cone and is crying. You buy one from the clerk and you both exchange knowing looks. 

You sit in your car and show her the cone. She walks over to you and gets into your car. You hand her the dripping, vanilla cone. She asks you where you’re taking her. You smile, and never answer her. 


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