I Am Inside Your Head

                 I broke into your house while you were at work.  There’s something about you that makes me want to know more. 

I started in your big, fancy kitchen. I grabbed a craft beer and began to look around. You have no kids, but your fridge is stocked with kiddie treats. Interesting. I grab another beer and move on to the laundry room.  Girls panties, stained with blood. Try and explain that one, bitch!

On to your home office. I break into your desk and what do we have here? Passports in various names, injectable drugs, and lots of cash. I indulge in some of your drugs and turn on all the devices you have in and on your desk. Ah, porn, no surprise there. I can see some was filmed in here, in your office. Very predictable. 

Up the stairs to find a door locked from the outside. I bust the lock and there it is. Asleep and bound to the bed is a tiny little blonde. I can’t walk away, I have to do something. Save her? You must be fucking joking. I will become you. I’ll get in your head and do all the things you would do, and much more. 

Oh god, you see your house has been broken into.  You’re terrified. Is it the police? They found her? You hear voices, clearly it isn’t the police. You make your way up the stairs to find me doing everything you wanted to do but you were too much of a pussy.



IvyWritten By: Poison Ivy
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