Little Neighbor Girl

There’s a chill in the air already at night. You sleep with your windows open.  You hear something outside so you look out your bedroom window. You find your naughty little neighbor girl skinny dipping in your pool.  

I’ve been sneaky and mischievous by sneaking out of my house all summer but tonight is the first night that you have caught me.

It’s pretty chilly tonight.  You throw on a pair of gym shorts over your hard cock and confront me.  You have a big towel waiting for me and ask me to get out of your pool. You tell me it’s dangerous to be swimming alone.

I give you a  sweet smile and climb out of the pool.  My naked, little wet body is very tempting, it’s it? I’m such a cock tease with my teen big tits. You just can’t resist as I charm my way into your heart and into your bed.


KimmieWritten By: Kimmie
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