School Already?

I can’t believe we will be back to school next week. Summer went way too fast. I did have lots of fun this summer though. I love walking around the neighborhood and peeking in windows. You never know who you’ll catch doing something naughty.

Mr. Todd was in his downstairs den jerking his cock to girls like me, Mr. Camm was dancing around in his wife’s panties. I wonder what Mr. H was doing? He saw me right away and came to his window. He’s so cool and he invited me in for snacks. A girl does get thirsty walking around in the heat. 

Something in his house smelled familiar. I wasn’t really sure what it was. Maybe Mr. H’s after shave?  I sort of smell it on me. Wait, my bestie smelled like this when she hugged me earlier. I need to get to the bottom of all this.

Mr. H. had things to do in his bedroom, so he said we could talk there. I asked him why my bestie smelled like him? He was about to answer, but he got the urge to kiss me. I sure do love kisses especially with tongue. I was about to ask again, but he kissed me again.

Will I ever get to the bottom of just what is going on? 



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