My New Babysitter Sucks

                  My parents have a new friend. Mr. Jason just moved in across the street and he seems sort of nice, I guess. I think they’re just looking for a new free babysitter for me. It seems like my other babysitter is always too busy for me these days. 

Okay Mr. Jason, let’s see if you got the right stuff to look after me. First sleepover with him. I bring in my little BTS backpack filled with all my overnight stuff. I love BTS!! I wish I could kiss them all and other things! LOL. 

Then I check out his snacks. Lame ass! Where’s the special drinks and candy?  I ask him where I will sleep. He shows me the guest room? No, this isn’t right. I always get to sleep with my sitter’s. Is he just playing at hard to get?

He tells me to go to my room and get ready for bed. He asks about homework. This man is odd, I don’t think I like or trust him. 

I have a plan! I tell him I’m tired and will read till I fall asleep. I lock the door, turn out the light and climb out the window. I sure hope Mr. H lets me in!


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