What Does P Stand For?

                    No one is home at my house after school, so my friends and I hang around the neighborhood seeing what’s up. You just never know what interesting things might happen. There’s this house on Mott Street, that we are told to never, ever engage with the man who lives there. 

That just makes us want to spy on him even more. While we were in the bushes spying, he saw us. I didn’t understand all the fuss, as he was really nice. He even invited me and my friend in for snacks.  

  He put on some Taylor Swift and asked us to dance for him. We began to dance and he began to act really strange. I was beginning to think that he was that special naughty word we aren’t supposed to talk about. I just outright asked him. “Are you a pedo”?  He got all nervous and began to stammer a lot. I told him I wanted the truth or I would tell my daddy. 

I didn’t tell my daddy just yet, because Mr. P has yummy snacks, and he’s just ripe for blackmail!


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