Anal Sex For Valentine’s Day


I’m so very confused! Anal sex is something very special and you only give it to your special boyfriend. I decided for Valentine’s Day, I should give him my round, adorable, tight ass. I know he’ll be so excited for it.

I went over on Monday because I knew he would be really busy on Wednesday. It’s just crazy how many nieces he has!

               He let me in, but first took a quick look around the street to make sure all was good. He patrols all the time to make sure nothing naughty is going on. I love that he looks after all us girls. 

We exchanged our gifts and then headed right to his big bed. Don’t tell anyone, but I think I love him! We were doing all the sexy things we love to do to each other and I suggested he take my butt. He didn’t say anything, but kept on kissing me. I do love kissing. 

I put my soft, tiny hand around his huge cock and tried to push it into my tight bottom. He stopped me and pushed into my little, hairy pussy. We did it for hours and I think he may have had an accident inside of me.  That’s exactly why I wanted butt sex!


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