New Girls Mean Trouble

My fun older neighbor always says that practice makes perfect. I have practiced my dance steps for so many hours that my leg muscles are sore.  I mean my poor thighs really, really hurt.  He’s always good for a long massage.

I put on some shorts and a pretty top, and head over for a visit. One knock, two knocks, and no answer. Maybe he’s around the back cleaning his pool for the summer.  No one is there, but who do I see sitting with him drinking my cokes and eating my cookies? It’s the new girl that moved in last week. I’m supposed to show her around and all, but it looks like she showed herself around!

I have to put a stop to this. Maybe if I just light this match and put his rose bushes on fire. The bush is now on fire and he comes running out in his boxers. Why is he and the new girl in their undies? I thought it was just him and I that play the undies game? 

He puts the fire out and gives me this look.

Is it so wrong that I will do anything to be with my sexy, older neighbor?


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