Easter Egg Hunting

            Easter is almost here and you’ve planned a neighborhood Egg Hunt for anyone who wants to join in the fun. You’re so excited for this. You’ve already purchased the cute rabbit cupcakes, little fun sandwiches, booze for the adults, and fruit punch for the little ones.  You even decided to wear a bunny costume. 

The parents hung around for an hour or so and once convinced, the kids were fine to be left with us. You look at me and smile. It’s warm out and the kids are warm from all the playing and hunting. It’s time for some fruit punch.

As they drink, they get silly.  I suggest a game or two.

As they run more and play their pretty little sundresses are blowing up. All the boys have left and it’s just us and 3 girls. They’re so sweaty, in bare feet, and torn dresses. We bring them all in for clean up and a nap. After some more fruit punch, they all fall asleep on my bed. 

I can feel the juices flowing, my pussy is craving a little fun time. I lock the front door, close the blinds and we enter the bedroom.


IvyWritten By: Poison Ivy
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