Short Sun Dresses And Painted Toe Nails

Spring is finally here and that means short dresses, and bare toes. You can’t fucking wait! You spend as much time as you can outside in the park. You love to watch them swing, getting higher, and higher.  You watch hoping the little dresses blow up as they swing, giving you a peek. 

The pink polish sparkles in the sun. They’re so happy, just giggling, and playing. Was that a bit of yellow cotton panties you just saw?  Where are their parents you wonder? They’re terribly young to be alone. 

You take out your little picnic. It looks more like food for a child, rather than a grown man.  One looks up, you smile at her. You motion to the food and ask if she wants a taste or two.  She’s happily eating your snacks. It isn’t your fault that a sleeping pill accidently fell in the vanilla pudding. 

She is falling asleep. It’s just you and her. You take her to your car. No one is looking, you drive off. 


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