Little Sissy Is An Exhibitionist

                   I can’t even believe what happened the other day. Just wait till I tell you all about my sister. I think she is even going to be naughtier than little cute me. 

Last week I had a boy over. I was supposed to be watching Sissy, but I was too busy. I heard giggling at the door and it was the mailman. She had pulled up her sundress and was showing the man her pink cotton pantie’s. I guess she just didn’t realize what she was doing. Or maybe she DID!

        We were both getting hungry so we went over to our favorite neighbor to see what he had for us to eat. Yummy mac and cheese. While we were eating, he kept looking under the table. O M G!!!  Sissy had her dress up and was showing him as well. 

He was getting very flustered and even began to stammer. I asked him what was wrong, and he said my sister was an exhibitionist. After he explained it to me, I just giggled. 

Quickly, I realized that he was also one of those special men. I boldly told him that I know what he is and that it’s okay we sort of love it.


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