Pretty And Sweet

KristaDaddy loves when I invite new friends over in the summer. He is always encouraging me to have my girlfriends over for some summer fun. I can’t argue with daddy because I know what makes him happy. I’ve been telling daddy all summer long about my new friend I made before school went on break. She’s so pretty and sweet, she kinda looks like me so I know daddy will adore her. She has the cutest little body and the softest skin.

Finally, she got to come over to hang out with me. I had big plans for us. Bigger than she could ever imagine. I knew daddy was going to want to play so I took her by the hand and we went to my bedroom so we could change for the pool. We undressed and changed into our bikinis. Her body looked extremely delicious. I couldn’t wait for daddy to get a peek, he was going to be so happy with his little girl.

I couldn’t wait to help daddy have his wild ways with her. Daddy suggested that I invite our new friend to stay for a sleepover after a perfect day of summer fun.

Kinky Krista


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