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When I was married, my husband absolutely loved a my creamy pussy. Little did he know, it was creamy from the cock I had taken before he came home from work! He was so stupid and never put 2 and 2 together. I mean, why else would the men in the neighborhood always be in such a good mood and go out of their way to be nice to him? They were showing their appreciation to him for letting them use his wife all day! As soon as he got home, his hands would go fishing in my panties, feeling for that wet warmth. Once his fingers touched it, he was on his knees lapping at my cummy cunt. He would moan and tell me how delicious it was. He couldn’t believe how wet I got for him (hahahahaha). I would look down at him and see his best friends jizz all over his tongue.

I still love a man that will lick the cum out of my pussy. I have a hungry MILF cunt that’s begging to be filled.. and then cleaned. Come curl your tongue inside this creamy pussy.


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