Your nasty fantasy student……

Your wife of course thinks I am just one of your students you are tutoring extra to help me get in to college.  What she doesn’t know is that Trigonometry is not all that you are tutoring me in.  After all the other teachers and students have left and even the janitors have headed home for the night is when the real teaching begins.

The lessons that every horny teen needs to learn.  How to suck a dick properly.  How to ride a cock the way that men really enjoy it.  How to take a throbbing dick up my tight little teen asshole so hard that I am left to go home with a gaping and sore hole.  So many lessons to learn.

The fact that you are married just makes me hornier for my after school lessons.  While all my friends are sucking on these horny little teen boys cocks I have a real grown mans cock as my playtoy……mmmMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmm

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