My Special Little Valentine


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You come home and Mommy and you look over all your Valentine cards you got at school today. Mommy sees a lot of gifts from girls to my handsome little man and I think it’s cute and all but they don’t know that you’re mine. Teddy bears, candy and love poems is not what my baby needs. Mommy Drew knows exactly what you want on a day like this.

I have a surprise for you so I lead you into my bedroom. I take off my dress and you see my huge, succulent tits shoved into my satin red bra. I have you unhook my bra and I let you play with Mommy’s breasts. Your baby blue eyes get so big because Mommy’s tits are as big as your head.

Now, I want you to take off my red panties and your next Valentines gift is waiting for you between my creamy thighs. 


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