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JanetI’ve never been one to be faithful… that’s just something to know about me. I have no interest in monogamy. If you’re looking for a woman to sit around and wait for you to get home with dinner ready, I’m not the woman for you. I love to flirt and fuck and one man is never enough to satisfy my needs.

My current boyfriend thinks he can change me. He expects me to be faithful and only have sex with him.  That’s NEVER going to happen. I have so many side men right now I can’t keep them all straight. He leaves for work and I start making my rounds. By the time he gets home, my pussy and ass have been used and are usually both full of cum. He has no idea how many men use my body all day while he’s slaving away. Luckily for me, it takes so very little to make him happy in the bedroom. I’m usually exhausted, but can fake it for 15 minutes to get him off and have him snoring. Then he’s off to work again, leaving the sweet little housewife all alone to play with all the boys in the neighborhood.

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