Grocery Store Threesome

I was getting ready to run some errands and grocery shop before my son got home as I needed to fill up the fridge. This is the house everyone comes to and those boys certainly can eat! The Krogers near me has the cutest stock boys who are always eager to help. They rush over to the checkout line because they all want to help me out with my bags. It is funny how I used to think it was because I am a great tipper. I think they’re all so cute, hot and fuckable!

This time of day the store is pretty quiet and because I had so many bags, 2 of the boys helped me out. After my car was loaded up, I went to look for my purse to tip them, but couldn’t find it. One of the boys said, “are you looking for this?” They were being silly and played keep away with my car keys. I was getting so wet, I swear I could have fucked them right then and there. I suggested they come over after work and I would give them a tip they would never forget!

I am one naughty MILF that loves role-play especially family fun and age play. Cum join me!


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