My New Foot Servant

My next door neighbor in my apartment building has always wanted me. He asks me out all the time and I have come up with every excuse in the book of why I can’t go. I try to avoid him if all possible but sometimes he just shows up in the elevator and then I’m stuck. He’s seems like the needy type and would do whatever I say. I need a real man.

Yesterday, I ran around all day long with so many errands. I probably walked 5 miles in my nylons and  heels. When I went into my apartment building to check my mail, there he was. I had a grueling day, and he was the last person I wanted to see.

Of course, we rode the elevator together and then it hit me! I turned to him and asked if he would like to come to my apartment. He was beyond excited. I had a devilish smile and thought I was finally going to give this loser some attention.

He sat on my couch while I poured myself a glass of wine. I sat next to him and told him exactly what I wanted from him. I explained I want him to take off my black pumps and lick my tired, sweaty feet. The poor schmuck would do anything for me so he felt honored to lick my dirty feet. I even had him lick the soles of my shoes.

I had him take off my nylons so I could put them around his head. I wanted him to be entrapped by my intoxicating foot aroma. I could tell this was really exciting to him. I also had him lick between all my sweaty toes.

I was sipping on my wine, feeling relaxed. He wanted more but I quickly put him in his place and told him he was only my foot servant and nothing more. If he was lucky enough, I might have more errands in a few days.



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