Dirty Mommy Suzanne Teases Her Son

I had just gotten out of the shower, and while my hair was drying, I called my phone sex son at boarding school. We usually just use online calling as it can get rather costly with him in Europe. I was in a very playful mood, and began to tease him a bit. I was saying things like; “I know you have a huge load you must need some release?” I was just being a silly flirt because I missed him so much. What I didn’t notice was my Skype was set to cam, and he could see everything I was doing. I was just in a small towel which barely contained my big, slightly saggy Milf tits. The more we talked and teased, the wetter I was getting. Was it wrong to finger my gushing cunt while we chatted?

He wasn’t as innocent as I thought. He began to return the flirty banter. He said that one of his female friends at school taught him how to give a facial, and would I like one when he came home for Thanksgiving. I thought he was too innocent to catch on to Mommy’s naughty phone play, but apparently not. I could hear the sound of not only him stroking, but the voice of another young man.¬† His breathing got heavier, and we both came at the same time. Before we said “goodbye” he had a little secret to tell me. Uh oh, he was watching me squeeze and suck my nipples and finger myself the whole time we were chatting.


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