Breakfast In Bed

Your friends always tease you about how hot I am. Did you think only you noticed you have the hottest phone sex mom on the planet? I know you make up reasons to stay home from school and have mommy pamper you.

Mommy had a very long night, and she is super exhausted. You are a little confused because mommy is always up making you breakfast, and giving you sweet morning kisses sweet mommy kisses

You see I am still asleep. You wonder if it was the same noises you heard that made mommy so tired. You snuggle into bed with her, and you can feel your dick growing as you push against my ass. You’re so happy, mommy smells so good. You see her move, and it pushes the blanket off her amazing big tits. You wonder if maybe I am really awake, and wanted to give you a peek at her tits. Mommy has something dried in between her luscious tits. You wonder if that had anything to do with mommy’s company and the noises?

Well, you decide to just forget the sounds and cuddle with mommy. This is better than any pancake breakfast!


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