Foot And Leg Fetish Men

                You have been staring at my lovely legs and feet all night. I was out running errands, and stopped at Aroma Therapy for a bite and some coffee. No one makes it like their barista. Hot, black and with the enticing smell of Chicory. You pay for my coffee and lunch which is quite amusing. Do you think that will buy me? What a loser you are! You keep staring, and while I am tempted to smack you in the face, I decide you would make an excellent foot slave. 

I leave you an address and a time. I strongly suggest that you aren’t late. You arrive, and the door is unlocked. I call your name, tell you to follow my voice. There you are, and the look on your face is priceless. Not quite what you saw at coffee shop. Is it loser? Now get down on your fucking knees and worship me in the fashion I am used to. You eyes immediately go to my patent stilettos, and you slowly being to lick them. I force the heel down your throat making you gag like a little pussy. Ho Hum, now you can and will do better than that.

Addicted to perfect stocking feet, shiny heels, and perfect legs in stockings and a garter? Then look no more, you have found the perfect Mistress. 


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