Come Here Clean Up Man

      Oh, hey guys! I know you would want nothing more than to pound my sweet, teen fuck holes, but that is for only certain men. Not for you! Don’t worry, you will get to clean out my holes. Aren’t you the lucky one.  I saw how you were looking at me during PE. You like how I look all sweaty and out of breath. You’re imagining what my sweet body tastes like as the sweat drips between my perky tits and runs down my back to my perfect ass. You want to lick up that sweat, don’t you? Now you’re wondering what my pussy tastes like with a big cum load in it.

This just happens to be your lucky day, bitch! I need someone to clean me up, and that is you. Start with my underarms, work your way down between my tits. Hey bitch, did I say you could get a hard-on? I guess I need to do something to keep you from trying to put that thing near me. You know it’s way to small and you only good for one thing. Come on cuckold, get to it!


WritteDelaneyn By: Delaney
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