Fucked And Sprayed

         I watched from my window as the little cutie across the courtyard was being pumped with his cute ass up in the air. I have to admit, it made me so fucking hot! I love to stargaze so my telescope was already set up. I wanted a much closer view.  Soon he was joined by a lovely, older redhead. Could that be his mommy, I wondered? While the man fucked his little boy pussy, the hot redhead fucked his mouth with her strap-on. Maybe I could get a little closer, if I went outside. With my clothes rearranged I found their window and got a much better look. Did he wink at me? I wouldn’t need much encouragement to join them. 

I could hear the boy telling them to pull out and shoot all over him. Mommy got next to him, cheek to cheek, and waited for the man to shoot his load. He came hard in big, hot bursts of cum. It looked so delicious!

Then what happened next was so fucking filthy. The man snuck behind me and pulled me into their apartment. I just couldn’t help myself, and I began to lick the jizz of their faces. 

How fucking hot, dirty and exciting is my fantasy? Join me in a hot one of your desires.


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