My Boyfriend’s Daughter

My boyfriend has a daughter and she is completely out of control! She just turned 18 and thinks she knows everything. He’s at the end of his rope with her and asked me to talk to her and see if that helps. I told him that I would love to, just send her over later.

When she got here, she had an obvious attitude and wasn’t in the mood to listen. I decided that I would have to take a more direct approach. I told her to come upstairs to my room. She went in ahead of me and as soon as the door closed, I grabbed her by the hair and jerked her back. She screamed and tried to get away, but I had a firm grip. I pulled her over to the bed, threw her down and smacked her across the face.

I got on top of her and straddled her face. I slid my panties down my legs and put my pussy on her mouth. I told her what a spoiled little bitch she was. I smothered her with my cunt and rubbed it all over her face. I put my hand between her legs and rubbed that little kitty. Her screams turned to moans and she was raising her hips. I slapped her pussy. I wasn’t letting her cum until she made me cum. I started grinding harder. I came hard in her mouth.

She was waiting for me to finish her off, but hell with that. I told her to get her spoiled ass out of the house. She looked embarrassed and she was going to cry. I told her to change her attitude and things would be different for her next time.

Her dad didn’t have anymore problems out of her.


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