Outdoor Sex with Your Mommy Morgan

I have the house to myself on a beautiful sunny June afternoon. I slip into my bikini and head to the backyard pool. At first, I relish the stillness and the tranquility, but after a while, it is too quiet. Being alone is lonely with my sweet boy not next to me. He won’t be home until much later. I’m full of regret that I permitted him to go to the lake with his friends. The house is not a home without him here.

I turn on some loud rock music and slip off my bikini. After I dive into the pool, I swim naked. Boredom sets in from swimming laps. I crawl up into an air mattress, and I fall asleep in the sun.

Suddenly, I am woken by the sound of car doors slamming in the driveway. I pop up and find my  son walking towards me. He asks why I can swim nude, but I don’t allow him. Before I can answer, off come his shoes and the rest of his clothing. He does a cannonball and splashes me, but I am already wet.

We end up having an intimate late afternoon pool encounter. How about you? Call me if you want to play with Mommy Morgan in the pool, sweetheart! 


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